Monday, February 22, 2010

Installing netbeans on Ubuntu

Installing netbeans on Ubuntu is very easy. I installed it on Karmic(Ubuntu 9.10)
For netbeans we need to add sun-java6-jdk and the command for that is
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

Once the sun-java6-jdk is installed we then start to install netbeans and there are 2 steps for it, both are very easy.
First just with one command which is
sudo apt-get install netbeans
or even we can install that from Synaptic Package Manager. Just search for netbeans which will also find dependencies and install tha same what ever required. The problem I faced for this installation was that I didnt get the latest version of netbeans.
Second is we go to the download the netbeans from download page. This page gives you the list of technologies for which you need the software. Just see which ever you need. For me it was for ruby.
Once you are complete with download go to the folder where your .sh file of netbeans is downloaded and then type
chmod +x (filename).sh

Once the file is being extracted go to the Home folder. There we can find the netbeans-(version_no) for me it was netbeans-6.8. After that go in the bin folder and run

This will start the netbeans and will also create a desktop shortcut.

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