Sunday, June 16, 2013

PHP : Excel Reader

Reading excel sheets now a days is not that big challenge, but reading it with very advanced formulas is definitely a very big challenge. One of team really spent a very pressured day to work on this functionality.

We used PHPExcel but was not reading values from other sub-sheet while performing getCalculatedValue(). Everything else was working fine. Like dynamically adding new values and generating the excel. After opening the new excel it worked like the original with new values. But the main functionality which we wanted, was getCalculatedValue() to display the calculations on web page.

After checking other plugins we found one more excel reader at Tried with our excel sheet which worked like a charm.

Really useful for getting advanced formulas calculated values. There is also a excel writer but I didn't check it yet.
The only limitation to this plugin is that it do not work with xlsx file.