Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eclipse : Birt : Build JDBC:MYSQL connection

For connecting the reports to mysql database was fun.
For that I followed the birt-installation-and-configuration which was easy to understand.

Now as per the tutorial for adding external file
Select Project > right click > properties > Classpath > Add external JARs and go to path /usr/share/java folder(For Ubuntu and for windows please check the link above).

Once this is done we create the new data source with mysql connection.
Navigator(in sidebar) > Data Source > Right Click > New Data Source


Once data source name is given click Next and
Select com.mysql.jdbc.Driver(v5.1)
Database URL add : jdbc:mysql://your_host_name/your_db_name
User Name and Password of the connection
Click on Test Connection
It should display dialog box as shown in the image below indicating that the connection is successfully build.

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